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Karissa Ho is a detail-obsessed, product-oriented, interdisciplinary creative. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she studies English literature and economics at the University of California, Berkeley, where she is also a sometimes painter, voracious reader, vintage shopper, and very fast walker.* 

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  • Memory Piece (2024) by Lisa Ko

  • Inverno (2024) by Cynthia Zarin

  • The Story Game (2024) by Shze-Hui Tjoa

  • Foster (2022) by Claire Keegan 

  • The virtues of a versatile blazer — blog post here!

  • Psalm 56


*She likes Helvetica, crunchy Honeycrisps, Jason Bourne movies, 90’s rock and alt, unpretentious fountain pens, Georgia O'Keeffe, Joan Didion, weddings, the NYT Crossword, and emollient lip balms. She drinks mostly hot water, writes long letters to her pen pals, does her best work very late at night, and is almost always cold. She strongly dislikes coffee, slow drivers, sycophants, and spiders. 

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